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Interested In Working With Access Aerial?

To find out how you can access aerial contact us Call (888) 376-7567 or email us at: letsfly@accessaerial.com

Aerial video is a great way to market your business, promote tourism, track construction projects and invaluable for development planning

Residential and commercial real estate can be shot at the fraction of the cost of hiring a private aircraft. It’s safer and environmentally friendly too!


We can capture weddings, parties, conferences or special events from unique perspectives. Who doesn’t want a drone at their party?!?!


Drone demonstrations and consulting. We are considered the areas “Drone Experts” and we’ll show you how drones work and how they can work for you!


Golf Courses, stadiums, marathons, and motorsports are just a few of the sporting venues and activities we can shoot with our drones. The sky is no longer the limit!

Unparalleled aerial videos for promotions, events and advertising can be shot at altitudes up to 400 feet. It’s unlike anything else in the north east Pennsylvania area!

Flight Missions are dependent on weather, complexity and location, among other factors. Contact us for details. We currently fly missions for real estate, farming, tourism, advertising, film/cinema, sporting events/venues, general event promotion and consulting. To speak to us about scheduling a photo or video shoot inquire at letsfly@accessaerial.com