Steam From Above: Drones Show a Unique Perspective on Area Railroad History

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All this talk about WNEP’s Backyard train this week motivated me to write a blog post about capturing the historic steam engines that grace our area.

One of the perks of being so close to the Steamtown Historical Site in Scranton Pa is, of course, being able to see and hear the painstakingly restored trains. Nothing is as impressive as the Steam powered giants to travel around the area. Some of the local behemoths that grace the tracks in northeast Pennsylvania include Steamtown’s own Baldwin 26 and the beautiful blue Reading and Northern 425.

Once in a while we do  get a special guest star. Such was the case in 2015 when the Nickel Plate Road 765 came to town. She steamed through the area and showed just how powerful a Berkshire could be. We were fortunate enough to have our drone at the ready and captured some amazing footage.

Another local favorite is the Reading and Northern 425. We happened to catch this beautiful blue engine on a rainy day in Duryea Pennsylvania. Despite the dreary weather and lighting she was still impressive as always.

Last but certainly not least was Steamtown’s own Baldwin 26. The little engine that could looks amazing in her brand new green paint and can be seen shuttling up and down the Scranton yards all summer long.

Drones provide a unique view of history and we hope to someday soon capture some more of it.