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Harrison Avenue Bridge Implosion Captured By Drone

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After weeks of rain and a nearly 2 month delay the implosion of the center span of the Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton Pennsylvania finally took place. The delays were the result of high creek levels in Roaring Brook that passes underneath the bridge. Officials from PennDOT and EPA wanted the levels low so that debris from the bridge would not wash down stream. On June 6th 2018, after a relatively dry week, the go ahead was given. Access Aerial had been working with various parties during the bridge demolition including, Minichi Construction, New Millenium Rentals and DemTech, the blaster hired to implode the final center span of the historic Harrison Avenue Bridge. The countdown began and Access Aerial was there to capture the final moments of the nearly 100 year old Harrison Avenue Bridge.

Minichi construction hired Access Aerial to operate a drone and help authorities monitor the blast zone for intruders for the hour beforehand. Using our Inspire 2 drone we were able to output aerial video to large TV screens so officials from DemTech and Minichi could make sure no one was inside the dangerous blast zone. Officials used the live feed from the drone to determine that it was safe the proceed.

Access Aerial also live streamed the event to thousands of viewers displaying a never before seen angle of the historic blast. Several media organizations asked permission to use our footage including the Scranton Times and area TV outlets. Drones once again proved their value by providing eyes in the sky and recording this historic moment.

Harrison Ave Bridge Implosion

Implosion happens around the 5:00 minute mark.

Posted by Access Aerial on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Harrison Ave Bridge before demolition:

The aftermath of the implosion. Only the new bridge remains

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