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Aerial Photography Drone Services

Our Drone Aerial Photography and Video Drone Services have appeared in both national and local news publications as well as numerous commercial videos. We shoot in 4K up to 60 fps with our Inspire 2 and Phantom aircraft. We can hand over the footage to you or handle the editing and post processing for you.

Freight Train Over Nicholson

Construction and Infrastructure Drone Services

Drones in the construction field offer a wide variety of cost saving and beneficial services to contractors, developers, architects, engineers and stake holders in the project. Data collected from UAS can be used to:

  • Report site progress updates to remote teams
  • Develop drone maps and models to enhance communication
  • Generate visuals for design plans and marketing presentations
  • Document overall project progression using aerial imaging and data
  • Reduce risk by prevent costly mistakes from project inception
  • Verify contractor work
  • Increased accuracy and better detail
  • Access to areas inaccessible to standard aircraft
  • Mitigated risk and liability compared to human inspection
  • Reduced environmental impact at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft

Real Estate Photography and Video Drone Services

According to Zillow, Drones can add unique aspects to real estate photos and video by showcasing:

  • Aerial views of the entire property and land.
  • The drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like.
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities.
  • Civic developments or local improvement districts (LIDs) that the buyer’s property taxes might contribute to.
  • Property maps and surveys.

More About Our Drone Services

Access Aerial was one of the first area drone companies to received exemption status from the FAA in order to provide high quality imaging for a variety of commercial, public, and residential uses, specifically targeting:

  • Improving Local News Outlets access to high quality aerial imagery.
  • Aerial acquisitions of public and private structures for use by realtors and property buyers alike.
  • Increase public knowledge of UAS and promote safe UAS operations.
  • Search and Rescue operations.
  • Volunteering their services to aid the efforts of First Responders.
  • 3D Surveying and Imaging.
  • Agriculture NDVI/NIR imaging analysis.
  • Thermal imaging.

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