2017: NEPA’s Own Peckville Christmas House Finally Gets It’s Time to Shine

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The Peckville Christmas House, located on Marion St in Peckville, finally received the recognition they deserved. On December 11th 2017 the display put on by the Harhut family was a contestant on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Flight”.

The house features over 1000 blowmold decorations and has been a fixture of the Peckville Pennsylvania neighborhood for three decades. Recently, word has spread with the help of social media as well as some amazing drone footage shot from Access Aerial and other area drone pilots. The Display caught the eye of producers from ABC this year and while the Harhuts ultimately did not win the televised competition they did get national attention. Good thing too! Word is the display costs over $2000 per season so be sure to drop a little something in the donation jar after your visit.

You can check out the Peckville Christmas House at 1130 Marion street Peckville PA from 5PM to 9PM on weekdays and later on weekends up until January 7th.