Peckville Christmas House

If you are anywhere in northeastern Pennsylvania you need to stop and see this Christmas display. It’s very unique and it’ll soon become a yearly tradition for your family. 

The video above shows our 2019 visit to the Peckville Christmas House on Marion Street in Peckville Pennsylvania. The Peckville Christmas House is actually two homes owned and decorated by the Harhut brothers in Peckville Pennsylvania. In 2017 the massive display caught the eye of producers from ABC.  On December 11th 2017 the display was featured on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Flight”. While the Harhut’s ultimately did not win the televised competition they did get national attention.

The display features over 1300 blow mold decorations and has been a fixture of the Peckville Pennsylvania neighborhood for three decades. It’s estimated that the Christmas light display costs over $2000 per season so be sure to drop a little something in the donation jar after your visit. 


🎄Illuminated blow mold decorations = 1300+ 
🎅Electric bill for the season = $2000+ 
😍Smile on everyone’s face = Priceless!

The Christmas display is located at 1130 Marion St in Peckville PA.

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