Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photo and Video Services

Real Estate Drone and Video Services: 4 Benefits to Help Agents Sell Homes Faster

Real estate drone services in northeastern Pennsylvania have been soaring in recent years, offering home buyers a whole new perspective of properties for sale. These aerial photos and drone video tours not only capture homes, buildings, and vacant lots from above, but also the surrounding area to give buyers a better sense for a property’s location.

As an agent, you want to sell your listings as quickly as possible, and drone photography might just be your biggest competitive advantage yet. Here are four reasons why you should incorporate real estate drone services into your sales strategy:

Real Estate Drone Photo - House

Benefit 1: Aerial Photos Stand Out Compared to Other Listings

Adding photos to listings is Real Estate 101. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find a listing that doesn’t have at least one photo of the property for sale.

Drone photography takes listings to the next level by providing a better and unique perspective of the featured property. Rather than viewing a home or building from street level, buyers can get a better idea of what the home really looks like — from top to bottom. These interesting shots stand out on social media or your agency’s website, especially since not all real estate agencies have caught on to the drone photography trend.

Benefit 2: It Takes the Guesswork Out of Location

Seeing a property at street view leaves too much to the imagination. Given that location is the single most important factor in real estate, it’s important for buyers to get a sense of what’s surrounding the property.

 With aerial photography, potential buyers can a sense for a home or building’s proximity to area attractions. It puts location into perspective and creates a bigger picture of what makes a location truly special.

Drone photo of mountain estate

Benefit 3: Drone Photos Tell a Story

Great real estate listings aren’t just about highlighting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Rather, it’s important to allow the property to tell a story that puts the buyer into the role of owner.

Drone photos add a new dimension to visual storytelling. They can be used to highlight the property’s best features and help potential buyers envision what it’s like to live there.

As drone photography services become the norm, eventually buyers and sellers alike will expect this type of storytelling with every listing. Sellers in particular are eager to work with real estate agents that invest in all the latest tools and techniques that will help them get a contract as quickly as possible. If sellers aren’t asking for drone services now, they will be soon!

Benefit 4: Drone Photographers Can Also Shoot Incredible Videos

Aerial drones today have incredible video capabilities, giving you another way to showcase your properties. You can create an entire video tour of the listing and surrounding area to give buyers a sense of what a property looks like.

Combine smooth camera motions on the ground with awe inspiring aerial video and you’ll be able to market properties like never before. 

Where to Find Real Estate Drone Services in Scranton, PA

If you’re looking to amp up your real estate listings, Access Aerial has you covered with the best real estate drone services in Pennsylvania. Serving the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre area, our team of skilled drone pilots specialize in low altitude 4K aerial drone videography and photography for residential and commercial properties.

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